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tv   Headline News  RT  July 22, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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political. forces. stronghold. syria. mission.
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thanks for joining us. political and militant group hezbollah has officially confirmed its fighting islamic state alongside syrian government forces joint terrorist positions on the syrian border in the west and. the operation is taking place and stronghold along the border with lebanon the terror groups. just inside syria. had been moving closer to the refugee just across the border in lebanon. into the history
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of hezbollah's presence in syria. lebanon's hezbollah has long been fighting alongside assad government forces throughout the six year syrian civil war but for the first time the armed group is making it official. hezbollah claims it's driving isis terrorists as well as rebels out of the last foothold on the syrian lebanese border a mountainous region seen here on the map the green part here is controlled by al nusra and rebels and the black here by isis so far sounds like just another development in the ongoing fight against terrorism in syria right so what's the big deal let's break it down. as well as presence in syria has always been a bone of contention as israel the u.s. and the arab league all view the group as a terrorist organization and levanon hizbullah
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a terrorist organization you just towns to shield its balance of tens of thousands of illegal rockets its militias stand side by side with syrian troops as they slaughter the the syrian people. iran continues to support terrorism including palestinian terrorists has blown and also. has is a terrorist organization and they are currently. cross international loans in fighting in another country overtly it's in no way trying to demonize a group that is fighting against western against american against israeli and saudi interests in the region. but not everyone categorized as hezbollah fighters as terrorists the list of those who don't include syria russia china and of course iran which funds it and helped create the group in
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the eighty's the russian. allies and they came here legally they support us again the terrorists there are many participants in the fighting these are the syrian army forces and those forces that are usually called pro-government including his bill which is supported by the iranians as blood is fighting alongside this. block. against the terrorist groups the western media has proven that they were supported by western countries by the united states by saudi arabia and also by israel. so why is hezbollah being more brazen in syria all of a sudden raising the flag. might be an attempt to assure the supporters of hezbollah that the fight will go on against the terrorist groups
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until the end looks like hezbollah those waving its flags openly in syria as is feeling confident it's on the winning side. another front i guess i saw was opened at the end of may when u.s. backed kurdish forces reached the terrorists' capital of raka the battle to retake the city is still ongoing and has resulted in hundreds of thousands of civilians displaced here are just some of the stories. i. have a title i came from russia nothing is left in iraq except for destruction because of the coalition and i still say but the strength of the coalition will worsen some villages were wiped out some neighborhoods were demolished houses families children women all were held by the random strikes.
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and most are left my neighbors at home in the evening and went to sleep outside i came back in the morning just to find twelve of the date the children the mother and the man i buried them they don't write because the shelling and i can add the just suffering i studied it was great but kalish was placed in lessons in a team and they carried out in their strike on my school and killed a lot of people as they were refugees from aleppo obviously this time not alone much t.v. i should get out of there to coalition targeted everyone just the same it kills one person from ourself and everyone else around there is no religion that's not been targeted some people lost their houses or the lost their children and wives.
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the massacres in iraq are committed by isis and the coalition warplanes to. what can i say the streets are full of good. humanitarian groups are concerned about the possible cost of victory in iraq after another i saw a stronghold the iraqi city of mosul was retaken heavy price with scores of civilians killed and injured many more were forced to flee most school which is now devastated we spoke to medea ross a from the u.k. based charity muslim aid she visited mosul and describes what she saw. what i saw was just. i mean it was indescribable it was like a movie set it's completely obliterated the whole city is ruined. you know those cars that have been completely obliterated it was like you know i've said this to
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other people it's like a movie set it was just crazy nothing like i expected next even though i had seen the movie. pictures before. it's different when you're there because what you can't seen in photos is is the smell. you know it i was in a school where which had not been cleared yet. there were still bodies underneath the rubble. and i asked my colleagues i said you know what is that smell and they said it's you know people have died here and they've not been cleared so there's basically the smell of death and small cook and sewage and it adds to the whole atmosphere of the whole city being ruined all the buildings are destroyed i don't think i saw one clearly standing building is it's just the entire city is gone it's going to take a long time to to get back to what it was. they were living in very difficult conditions they. were very restricted in what they
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could and could not do. you know they that they were very restricted in terms of access to food you know obviously mostly made as a humanitarian organization so our primary concern is humanitarian situation and so when asking the question it was mainly you know along the lines of what it is that they need. and they were all very malnutrition because you know under occupation they were not able to access that much food or water or even medical care you know everything to the prices of everything shot up so you would see people having to you know sell everything they own just to get you know some sugar or rice. the number of migrants arriving in italy growing by the day a group dubbed defend europe is trying to stem the flow sailing a ship to the region in a bid to turn back migrant boats coming from africa the vessel that will be based in the sicilian port of qatar and it will patrol the mediterranean just off the
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coast of libya the mission says it wants to expose humanitarian groups that it claims are working directly with people smugglers accuses them of effectively providing migrants a taxi service direct to europe the activists are bankrolling the mission with money raised through crowd funding so far they've got more than one hundred twenty six thousand dollars the mission is now being accused of being racist. challenge one of those behind it and also gauged reaction from local italians were at the port of. the ships that come into the sport you will every now and then see boats full of migrants but we are here to talk to an activist who is expecting the arrival of a very different kind of boat with a very controversial purpose. here. when we cherish of course it is a cultural identity are you
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a racist or an extremist organization your final purpose is what. we want to control the stays in europe this is what some people call racism. i think the european union should feel ashamed now they want to use sicily as a rallying point for disgusting racism that does not belong to our culture i know that our welcoming culture is disliked by european fascists but we won't give up we are not going to be silent in the face of this call to violence against desperate human beings these people need to buy we're not trying to provoke. situation where anybody's life is said risk so you're not attacking them i know we are not attacking migrants we are not going to attack the n.g.o.s we will just try to document what they are doing and we want to make sure that these n.g.o.s are not working as some kind of proxy for the human traffickers what happens if you see
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that someone's life is in danger we will also come and rescue them and what are you going to do one a refugee or a migrant ends up on your boat we will try to bring them to africa again. people of sicily have gotten used to migrants to the many n.g.o.s that have come here to help but an anti migrant ngo patrolling the mediterranean that is something most people here have never heard of so let's ask the locals about the concept what do you think of the n.g.o.s that are working in the mediterranean to help the migrants the moon is this a bit of i don't like what they doing what if this is right twinning and geo both doesn't sound good this is the boat. the right wing activists will be on this boat they will be patrolling the mediterranean to make sure that there is no illegal migration and to make sure that the ngos don't break the laws what do you think about that good job like that it's good and the opinion of the migrants. they don't
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want migrants here i mean. if they don't one migrants i mean they have the the out the make of. the sense that believe in libya they say if they rescue migrants from the boat they will take them back to africa that this is. what going on how can someone just live i mean the middle of militancy you know take them back to africa that's not fair i mean some people call them racists do you agree with that there's no racist birth story there's already too many people here yet. so there's no room for everyone do you think that's racist i don't think so and i'm not against helping. but we should help them in their own countries so here's a scene that seems to have become typical for sicily we've got a park where we can see the migrants then and geo group to help them and also there are locals who are still feeling the burden of the economic crisis and don't want
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migrants and their hometown and all of them are in one same park not too long before right wing activists join the mob the club elite the trend toward tea could tiny in italy it is not international if you're perhaps looking for something a little out of the ordinary for the holidays israel might have it's running an anti terror camp where you can experience being in a hostage situation. the syrian. arab. terrorists. could be everyone anywhere any place in any.
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five times the. white earth but every. one that wanted to kill me is not like. right. down to me about mcconnell and the. about the idea really exciting to see how they train and really what they do you don't always have to. treat the right. spirit situation in order to when you go back home and you hear or. speak something new you know the war it's not. the main
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controversy surrounding the com however its location and situated in the west bank which palestinians of course consider as occupied territory. the boot camp has been condemned by palestinian officials the local mayor said the mostly american tourists attending the camp were there by directly supporting the occupation of the land and we also spoke to a middle east expert who things israel is not doing itself any favors by setting up this venture this is something israel has been doing for a very long time reinforces the notion to american visitors in particular that it's the conflicts can only be solved by military force that the palestinians of the bad guys but the israelis are the good guys i don't think the israelis are really doing themselves a favor though by having this sort of very blatant violence and.
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tourist oriented operation bring in americans in particular to train them on the so-called palestinian terror threat it is a move that is so clearly rejects the international view of what should be happening in in occupied palestinian territory and sharing a saturday with us here on r.t. international so the media has been obsessing over the looks style and mannerism of the u.s. president the whole trump will take an even closer look in just a. lol endless.
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leg. in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington or washington controls the media the media control over the voters elected to businessman to run this country business equals power who must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. as for joining us the u.s. military has confirmed that one of its latest strikes in the helmand province
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killed an unknown number of quote friendly afghan forces according to officials twelve police officers including two commanders were killed with many others wounded and last month at least three afghan policemen were killed in a similar incident there are also very numerous cases of afghan forces killing allied american troops the very same day the three officers were killed and afghan commandos opened fire on u.s. soldiers killing three and injuring one the taliban which had infiltrated the afghan forces claimed responsibility meanwhile in march american soldiers were injured in another so-called green on blue assault as afghan soldiers attacked nato troops. picks up the story. for hearing condolences from u.s. officials in response to the afghan security forces that were killed but the numbers that we're seeing being released by the u.s. air force confirm that the situation in afghanistan is escalating as of now
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according to the numbers that we have from the u.s. air force since the beginning of twenty seventeen there been one thousand six hundred thirty four different instances of munitions expended from u.s. forces in afghanistan keep in mind that in two thousand and fifteen the total was only two hundred ninety eight and in two thousand and sixteen it was only five hundred forty five now this number of munitions being released this number of airstrikes actually brings the situation in afghanistan to the level that it was at in two thousand and twelve when u.s. forces were all across the country getting into skirmishes with taliban forces two thousand u.s. troops have actually died in afghanistan and a number of them have died from friendly fire incidents like the one that just recently took place there was the famous incident where pat tillman the celebrity football player who had volunteered to fight in afghanistan was killed by friendly fire at this point there are eight thousand five hundred u.s. troops in afghanistan alongside five thousand other nato forces that are in the country as the escalation of air strikes continues more air strikes are being
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carried out more munitions are being fired the risk for afghan security forces as well as for u.s. troops in the country is rising people like this should not make such a mistake which will have a huge you know negative but without. going to their ship over a moment going to be definitive these kind. of it does. make many people actually join them. much much easier doesn't it. definitively our will to prostitution. and. we'll read these kind of frustration and definitely miss that only the president will be in a very very difficult situation seeing his people his soldiers are massacred by his
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friends the americans so it is it is appalling position to be. the media's been obsessing over the looks style and mannerisms of donald trump ever since the billionaire businessman made his bid for the white house but how important is style over substance artie's jacqueline verger has been trying to find out. america's commander in chief is meant to be a representation of the country as a whole and its values and what does america pride itself on if not diversity we believe our diversity our differences when joined together by a common set of ideals makes a strong americans are a diverse people with respect and concern for every single human being in this country and being very different from previous u.s. presidents donald trump seems to know what it's like to be the outcast his everyday guy in your face persona is one of the things that got him elected i think by shingo greatest of any assets i have is fight temperament oh just i just.
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think i'm much more humble than you would understand. you cold when you don't like that higgs your twitter account only really that you know donald. but it's also what he's attacked for by some of his detractors recently we've seen the media become preoccupied with trump's personal habits some choose to dissect his food choices slamming him for his love of red meat exotic meals fast food you name it it's true he's not like obama who reportedly only eats seven lightly salted almonds for a night snack others criticize the president's lack of obvious exercise dubbing him the least athletic president in u.s. history well maybe a more athletic build is the key to being popular and a few outlets have gone as far as to warn that trump's unique and often unscripted style of speech may be an indicator of mental health issues many fell in love with obama because he was seen as a cool hip guy. which
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apparently is not the case with mr trump and that could be hurting him more than he knows because according to a recent poll that's how his predecessor scored high in approval ratings and that same poll shows that sixty five percent of those who do. approve trump do so because of his personality this is a cultural issue they want to force trump into. and joking because he represents in that sense the other side of the cultural diversity that i see so it looks like america's champions of diversity disapprove of trump despite him being the man who arguably has made the presidency more diverse perhaps a few more hip trappings could help but probably not. our t. washington d.c. we are legal and media analyst lionel why people people who claim to be in favor of diversity tend to bosh one of the most colorful presidents in u.s.
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history the biggest con in the world is that what people call the liberals and they're not liberals they have no belief system they have no platform they have no ideology no truth no future no nothing these are the people who supposedly are liberal they're the ones who are calling for war with syria why because who ever was against term they were for you just say i hate trump and you're and they'll deal with any other problem you have i hate but i'm not crazy about. transgender migration bathroom oh ok will do i hate but i'm not sure about women's rights ok will bother them. so it was a clean coal dirty energy that's one of the issues being discussed in the kaiser report coming go away just.
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imagine. this is thirty five if you have a career and career involves using your i phone in your computer and things like that in an office. perhaps you sort of killings in excess or kids. are going to have to stop doing all of this i mean this is kind of you look at the minutes must be from my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up living it and box. very strong magnetic field on the field in my head. think of it like a real hard pressure my skin burned and that wireless access point. just continues on saying with our students in the school it's. just continually bathing our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electro small and it's getting worse.
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and i do think that archie is a propaganda arm of the russian government and helps to spread. information that helps advance russia's interest and so that's why i think it's important for people like me to come on if it were me i would be somebody who was less capable who had maybe not do as good a job presenting the american point of view. i'm going to do this segment of summer a solution which may mask guys or stay there and our guests tyson slocum welcome great to be here all right and welcome. so the summer solutions and we're
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looking you're the energy guy we have an energy president everybody thought george bush was the energy president but this guy trump is like back to the stone age sort of energy coal probably whale oil soon i would think he promised to make coal great again is he doing that you know because there's nothing that trump can do to make coal great again coal is dying a slow death because it's been out competed in the marketplace by cheap frack natural gas by the rise of renewables because the declining cost curve for noble deployment just continues to go down and continued energy efficiency in the united states if you've got a smaller market to sell into then coal slice of the pa is just going to get smaller and smaller as it gets out competed so this is really just kind of intellect toral strategy to try to appeal to disaffected whites in the very big
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coal belt of the united states to continue to promise them something that he can't possibly deliver so it's a really cynical ploy none of the big industries in the energy sector electric utilities any of these guys are applauding a revival in coal or pushing for this so what trump is doing is an even supported by some of the biggest corporations operating in the energy space what is claimed coal well clean called doesn't really exist very well there is one facility that's been under construction for years in mississippi called kemper being built primarily by southern company a big. utility there in mississippi with several hundred million dollars in taxpayer assistance from the department of energy and it's a colossal failure billions of dollars over budget years behind schedule and it still isn't producing electricity the concept behind clean coal is let's instead of you know spewing.


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